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Download GalliumOS 2.0

GalliumOS 2.0 was released on 2016-07-02. Release Announcement.

You can install GalliumOS from an installation image downloaded below, or you can dual-boot GalliumOS alongside ChromeOS by installing with chrx.

See the wiki for full instructions.

Also check our hardware compatibility list to make sure your device is supported, which build to download, and any issues reported for your model.

MD5 Checksums

Please verify that your download matches.

31bf636ccd25e762821ac477153285d2 galliumos-baytrail-2.0.iso
c23669270c37c320e4d2f1bfaf7f13aa galliumos-braswell-xenon-2.1alpha5.iso
caa7c0774822a3f1f645857801d33aa2 galliumos-broadwell-2.0.iso
84a115b214cf21334651ece476b8a58a galliumos-broadwell-cbox-2.0.iso
320b42ec8ebe54dbb19c53a05181904f galliumos-haswell-2.0.iso
af7b414cdf275c5bf556bfad9a844045 galliumos-haswell-cbox-2.0.iso
2894af9b1d952ca607f4870d57527621 galliumos-skylake-xenon-2.1alpha5.iso
594bf5f97361bef5c36a2e4a0b19c5eb galliumos-samus-xenon-2.1alpha5.iso
f5dd81219f73ed7831862fd089c00766 galliumos-sandy-2.0.iso


The current GalliumOS release is available via BitTorrent. Please seed!

Chromebooks: Haswell | Broadwell | Bay Trail | Sandy Bridge / Ivy Bridge
Chromeboxes: Haswell | Broadwell

Download Mirrors

GalliumOS downloads are also available from these mirror sites:

United StatesNew York (Master)

Get Involved

If you would like to help us build GalliumOS, you can find us in #galliumos at

You can also help out by donating to the project. We thank you!